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Adelitas Way


Designer and maintainer for the offical website of the hard rock band Adelitas Way.

Calendar App

Something to manage my life

Conceptualized as a way to optimize managing my time, this application is a work in progress life-management tool written using Electron, and VueJS.

The application uses a time-blocking system and task prioritization grid to insure the user never misses a deadline.

SafeWalk Simulator

JavaScript Space Walk Simulator


  • Stephen Davidson
  • Christopher Bui
  • Kevin Mathes
  • Scott Huffman

SafeWalk Simulator is a team academic project developed as a prototype for a software requirements engineering course.

This project simulates NASA's SAFER manuevering system, with a focus on a redesigned Crew Display and Control Module (CDCM), i.e. the hand control module and display unit.

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Revan Editor

Full-featured modding tool for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Electron-based open sourced video game editing tool for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.